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Lodging Quality Assurance Program for Vail Valley

Winter Rates

The Vail Valley is an exceptional vacation destination with a strong commitment to providing its guests with accommodations that meet their expectations. That is why, in 1999, the Lodging Quality Assurance Program (LQA) was initiated. The community-wide program, extending from East Vail to Cordillera, aims to raise the bar on the quality of lodging throughout the valley. Since the inception of LQA, lodging standards and a ratings system have been developed so that the interior room quality of hotels and individual condominiums may be assessed. The inspection process, based on a 100 point scale, will be performed on every rental unit each year.

This program is the first of its kind in the United States, in that it encompasses over 3,000 units which are managed by over 70 different property management companies. The lodging community has banded together in this effort in order to convey realistic lodging expectations to our valued guests. We believe this will raise the comfort level for our visitors, as well as meeting and incentive planners. The following is an explanation of the rating system:

P: PLATINUM= 90 to 100 Percent

A unit with this rating represents the finest accommodations in the area. The furnishings and appointments are superior, as are all other aspects of the interior. First impressions are "WOW!" Everything in the unit is first rate and coordinated. Style and design are unsurpassed. These properties are the best of the best and are not lacking in any area.

G: GOLD= 80 to 89 Percent

A unit with this rating reflects recent interior design motifs and coordinated decorating efforts. Inventory contained within each room of the home or unit is upscale and in excellent condition. In short, a gold unit is comfortable and stylish with the feeling of home.

S: SILVER= 70 to 79 Percent

A unit with this rating reflects a nice accommodation with quality furniture that is gently used. A consistent style is apparent throughout, although the unit is a bit older and lacking in thoroughness and finishing touches.

B: BRONZE= 60 to 69 Percent

A unit with this rating reflects a more sterile environment. Personality and decorating motifs are present, albeit not fully coordinated; there may be a "pieced together" feel. First impressions are "OK". Inventory contained in each room of the home or unit is mostly utilitarian and meets minimum expectations. In short, a bronze unit offers a no frills, but acceptable lodging experience.